Why is Bitcoin Valuable

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  1. jacobo wittman says:

    Hi Jerry i think you missed something and its the net, i don´t how many wallets exists and you can followed the number of big nodes but not the number of wallets on computers and phones, all of them are talking sending information. the most close its for example one app downloaded from appstore or google play and i’m sure that number will be less than the number of wallets.

    Jacobo Wittman

  2. Terry says:

    Good post. Some people just don’t understand why Bitcoin has valuable but it’s clear that Bitcoin has a lot of demand and brings something new to the table.

  3. Peter C says:

    Hello Boxmining. I watch your show and love it! You mention that BTC is your top coins. I have the utmost respect for you and I believe that you know a ton of Crypto stuff and that is why I am so puzzled by your love for BTC?! It is slow, expensive and can’t do anything better than any other coin. The only thing is the brand name, and will attract institutional investors. due to the name recognition and market cap. Absent that, it is useless vs any other non-scam coins. LOL.
    In the long run, should you target a coin like Ripple or Vechain that solve real life applications and provide meaningful cost savings so that it is durable and has staying power! IMO, I think the argument of storage of value is very questionable. You need a fool to be behind you to buy you out. That’s dangerous! I would love to know your your inner thoughts. And i hope I didn’t offend you!

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