Hi, I’m Michael and welcome to Boxmining.com.

This is my personal blog and space to write opinions about the blockchain space, which I’ve been involved with full time over the past 2 years.

The objective of this blog is simple –  to provide independent insights into the blockchain space. 

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Most people know me from my YouTube Channel, with over 190,000 subscribers and 12 Million views. My channel started off as a passion project, with me chatting every day about various news and technological developments in the blockchain space. With the help of the community, I forged a stronger understanding of the underlying technology. By listening to opinions from an international community, I started to understand the socio-economic reasons why Bitcoin is necessary for the future – it is the only currency that offers true asset protection beyond the control of any government or institution.

In other words, Bitcoin is a real currency and fiat is a lie

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