What is Ripple and XRP

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  1. Adam Re says:

    Hello – I found this article and video very interesting… I’m wondering if you have any thoughts as to what the value proposition is for xrp? You mentioned there are low transaction costs vs bitcoin, but is that a property of ripple or xrp itself? Why might banks use xrp in conjunction with the ripple protocol vs just using the ripple protocol alone?


    • boxmining says:

      Value proposition is virtually impossible to calculate at this current phase – mostly because this technology is still mostly unproven / undiscovered. There uncertainty elements, such as competing technologies / bank developed blockchains obscure the future even more. The XRP is a highly speculative coin.

  2. Michelle Poche says:


    I am only now just learning about cryptocurrencies, so thank you for the informative video and explanation. My question is that is there any way to invest in the Ripple Protocol rather than the XRP?

  3. Brian says:

    so can you invest in both Ripple and XRP ?

  4. Peter C says:

    Hello Boxmining, I love your show. Huge fan and thanks for all your hard work. Regarding Ripple, it is very easy to understand the use and how it can help the banking system in a revolutionary way. No doubt! But what I don’t get is how their adaptation would push the price of the coin (XRP) to be up except for investor chasing it up. There is no fundamental reason why, please explain! If I am a bank, and i use Ripple coin as my transfer device would not I want XRP is stay constant at 1 and never change. ideally, i dont want it move up and down whatsoever. In short, what does this amazing tech has anything to do with the price of the coin whatsoever. Iam long XRP because I think investor will chase it up but I have no other reason. Can you answer that? Thanks!

  5. Peter C says:

    Hello Boxmining, one more item. Since Ripple is not decentralized and pretty much controlled by Ripple Lab, can they arbitrarily add more coins out of thin air and dilute the system? Thanks!

    Again, a huge fan and watched a ton of your video. I love your approach, you provide facts and honest assessment on the topic. Excellent! And not some dumb ass random prediction like Bitcoin to $1 million.

  6. CryptoAU says:

    Could your same analysis be applied to Stellar Lumens and XLM? I.e., could the Stellar network be used without the XLM token?

  7. Rameez Raja says:

    “So if you ever bought Bitcoin with bank transfer you will know how painful that is. ”

    This is contrasting

  8. Richard says:

    I am new to this and want to invest in Ripple but now I am unsure if I want to invest in Ripple or XRP or both? I was one of the confused that thought XRP was Ripple. I haven’t bought any cc yet, but was getting ready to buy when I ran across this platform. Any thoughts?

  1. January 5, 2018

    […] Ripple has booming lately as more and more financial institutions have started to use the service for its fast transactions and extremely low fees. As banks seek to move away from the somewhat outdated SWIFT system, the Ripple protocol and it’s token XRP has risen up as a viable alternative. […]

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