What is ThunderCore (TT)?

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  1. Jang says:

    Hi Michael

    Been a fan of you since 3rdQ of 2017. I would like to bring you to the attention potential Security token – Mt Pelerin. Website is as below


    This sto is quite revolutionary and it’s full reserve bank instead of current fractional reserve banking system. It has
    – bridging protocol for current banks to cross over the crypto markets
    – a platform for free issuance of security tokens
    – a marketplace for lending and estates etc.

    It would be great if you start covering some sto /eto since that will be the future directions of crypto market. Will be great if you also look to cover very promising enterprise blockchains such as Quant Overledger, Own, LTO and Pchain etc where they have got well known global entities as partners and clients.

    Here’s looking towards your coverage of the above mentioned tokens. Thank you 🙏

  2. Bundeui says:

    Thanks Bud. Saw it trading on Hotbit – is it safe to trade on that exchange?

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