Trezor Model T Setup Guide and Review

The Trezor Model T is an evolving cryptocurrency hardware wallet that enhances crypto coins security. Released a couple of months ago, Trezor Model T spot a new operating system tagged Trezor Core which enables faster feature development and seamless coin support. The Trezor Model T offers a convenient interface and intuitiveness creating a safe way or securing and trading cryptocurrencies.

Watch the full video guide, I prepared for you as well:

We will be guiding you through:

Unboxing the Trezor Model T

The Model T cost a whopping sum of 149 Euros ($173) and the pack comes with the device, a Magnetic dock, USB cable type C and recovery seed, stickers, and the getting started guide.

Setting up the Trezor Device

Take care when setting up the device to prevent the leaking of the security key which may expose your hard earned cryptocurrency to hackers.

[su_highlight background=”#fbffc8″]Ensure that there is no camera where you want to mount up a setup. As part of security awareness, many experienced users recommend the sealing of your PC webcam with a tape to boost the security as you can never tell who may be watching.[/su_highlight]

Here are the steps to take to carry out a setup or Trezor Model T:

1. Break the seal on the device by peeling off the small tape protecting it.
2. Plug in the USB Type C cable to the device and connect to your computer
3. Go to the welcome page on the computer and select the Model T Trezor
4. Update and install the firmware
5. Create a new wallet
6. Create a backup by writing down the recovery phrases on the sticker provided following the order, keep the texts safe!
7. Enter the texts as requested by the computer and type in words using the keyboard on the device
8. Then enter a pin which will be required to unlock the device in case of theft. Now you are good to go!

How to Use the Model T

Once the setup has been completed, you can select any of the coins you wish to store or transact; there are multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from; dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin gold, etc. Select your choice, and you are set to send and receive coins.

Ethereum and My Ether Wallet (ERC-20 Token)

To use Ethereum, you have to use it with my ether wallet or my crypto. Using any of it is easy and offers fast delivery.

Comparing Trezor, Ledger, and Keepkey


• A premium device with a large touchscreen
• It is very safe to use
• It offers a smooth user interface
• Use of type C cable that provides more security and more extended durability

•Best choice for starters
• It’s small, cheap and affordable (79 Euros or $92)
• It has the most support for cryptocurrencies such as IDEX, Switcheo

• It lacks support or IDEX

• It lacks the premium features like the touchscreen
• The screen is too small to offer enjoyable navigation


For starters, ledger appears to be perfect, but if you fancy a premium device with a smoother interface and easier navigation, then the Trezol Model T is unarguably the best choice

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