Trezor Model T Setup Guide and Review (Updated 2019)

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  1. Ed says:

    I was watching your Trezor model T setup guide, but I bailed, because my Trezor model T setup was slightly different to yours. After choosing which model I had (which is the model T), it prompted me to choose which browser I was using. My laptop came with Windows 7, but after I bought it years ago, I had Chrome installed, so I always use Chrome now. However, the options in the drop down box during setup only have:
    Mac OS X
    Linux 64-bit (deb)
    Linux 64-bit (rpm)
    Linux 32-bit (deb)
    Linux 32-bit (rpm)
    So what should have I done?

  2. Ed says:

    Hi Michael. I tied again just now to setup my Trezor model T. This time I opted for Windows at the section that prompted me to select a browser ( my mate told me that Windows is the same option as Chrome, considering there is no specific option for Chrome in the drop down box). Then it asked me to download Trezor Bridge, so I started downloading it. But you say on your online guide not to disconnect your Trezor once you start downloading Trezor Bridge, but that’s exactly what it asked me to do in this popup box. So I clicked ok, and disconnected my Trezor. What should I do now?

    • Michael says:

      reconnected it and you will be connected
      Once you load the wallet you can download trezor bridge. Once trezor bridge is downloaded, the popup will ass you to disconnect the trezor. Physically disconnect the trezor and then click next.
      once the install finishes you can connect back the trezor and it’ll work

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