What is Enjin (ENJ)? Revolutionising gaming through blockchain

Enjin is a platform for the creation of digital assets that can be used in Video Games, as collectible art or event in-shop coupons. By utilizing Blockchain technology, users can enjoy:

  • True item ownership – with transactions that cannot be censored powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Convenient Exchange of value – items can be traded or sold instantly. Enjin Wallet already provides access to decentralized exchanges such as Kyber Network and Changelly.
  • Reserve Value – unwanted digital items can be “melted” into the Enjin Coin cryptocurrency.
  • Single Wallet for all items – the Enjin Wallet users to keep all digital assets in one single location.
  • ERC-1155 Token Standard – Enjin team created this standard as a superior version of ERC20 and ERC721 with cost saving features such as transaction bundling and multi-send.
Blockchain gaming: Huge opportunity for 2 billion gamers?

Example: Stormwall- the shield that moves across universes

Enjin announced its newest asset in May 2019- Stormwall. It is an example of what we can expect with its gaming assets. Stormwall is a shield that moves across Enjin’s Multiverse of games. In Enjin’s video we see Stormwall can be used as a playable item in 32 different games including 9Lives Arena, Age of Rust, Cats in Mechs and more.

Enjin’s latest in-game asset- Stormwall was debuted on 1 May 2019

What Makes Enjin Coin (ENJ) Valuable?

Enjin coin’s (ENJ) value comes from its use in various mobile games and video games that use this currency to create digital assets. Each game acts as a “value trap” – locking up ENJ reserve and increasing the scarcity of $ENJ.

Each game and platform locks up ENJ

With a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 $ENJ, this cryptocurrency acts as a form of “Digital Gold” – its value determined by the dynamics of supply and demand within the game’s ecosystem. To complete the analogy, $ENJ is locked up when items, such as the Stormwall shield are created – and released when items are destroyed.

The Enjin Coin Ecosystem

Enjin is more than just in game items. The Enjin team have created an entire ecosystem where you can create, store, trade and use these items.

What’s next for Enjin?

Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski founded Enjin in 2009. Today they are the largest social gaming website in the world, with over 20 million users across 250,000 gaming communities. There are currently over 60 blockchain games on the Enjin network. Check out my video where I provide an in depth look at Enjin and blockchain mainstream adoption could be achieved through gaming.

Rumoured Samsung Partnership?

Samsung’s s10 presentation at MWC Barcelona 2019 that broke the internet

Enjin confirmed in early March 2019 that it had entered a partnership with smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics (as reported on Asia Crypto Today).

I interviewed Enjin’s founder Witek Radomski at the Game Developers Conference. During the interview, Witek confirmed the Samsung partnership again said he but couldn’t go into details because the Company is under a non-disclosure agreement.

Livestream with Enjin team at GDC 2019

Q2 2019

The Enjin wallet has recently become the first wallet to offer full Binance Chain and all BEP-2 (Mithril, ChangeNow) based tokens. For more details, check out my article here.

In Enjin’s latest quarterly report the Company stated its primary development focus would be on launching the Enjin Platform to Mainnet. According to Enjin this would be to facilitate the mass utility of the Enjin Coin.

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